Postural Instability


Postural Instability Definition :


Postural instability is the state when one can not keep his body in stable or balance position.


Postural instability is a sign of parkinsons disease.Postural instability can cause the patients to develop a forward or backward lean due to which they can fall easily. Falls can result in major injuries: fractured ankles, hips, shoulders and skulls.Falls also occurs due to loss of "righting reflexes" an inability to take corrective measures to prevent a fall. Patients with a backward lean develop a tendency to step backwards when they start to walk,or when bumped from the front. This is known as retropulsio


Postural instability can cause patients to have a stooped posture in which the head is bowed and the shoulders are drooped. More falls take place as the disease progresses,even his walking may be affected.A persons steps become shorter abd shorter as if he is hurrying forward to keep balance.this is known as festination.Patients may halt in mid-stride and "freeze" in place, possibly even toppling over.