OCD Case Studies


Case Presentation


  • R A was a BPO employee who had persistent doubts on whether he had turned off the taps or whether he had locked his door. He feels very tense of he did not check and clarify his doubt, however even after checking he once again would start doubting. He progressively increased number of times he checked things and soon noted that he started missing his office bus, his condition progressively worsened and he would return home from office to check on his doubts of having left the door or taps open. He soon resigned his job and confined himself to home and was later-on brought for assessment.

  • S K was a science graduate who started thinking his hands were contaminated by disease causing germs. He started washing his hands 7 times to get rid of them but the thought would return after a brief period of relief. Two years later he started washing his hands with detergent soap and developed rashes on his hands and continued to wash even with hands covered with rashes. He sought help of a skin specialist who sent him for assessment.

  • Tara was a housewife who was deeply religious, she soon noted that when she went to the temple she had an urge to utter an obscenity which she did silently, later she had these urges on seeing any religious photographs or books. When alone, she would speak the obscenity aloud. She then started keeping all religious articles away from her sight and stopped watching TV. She kept aloof and confined herself to a room, however it was only after she an overdose of available tablets and pills at home that she was brought for assessment. hoarding etc.








The three highlighted cases presented for psychiatric assessment 2-5 years after having distressing symptoms during which period they were functioning very poorly at home. They were treated with a group of medication commonly known as SSRIs (specific serotonin reuptake inhibitors) and a type of psychotherapy known as CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy). Usually these interventions alone would suffice for most suffers of OCD. medication. However for a small number these measures will not be enough.