Living with Parkinson Disease


In early stages of parkinson disease people have more psychological problems than movement problems. People often have a feeling of despair once the disease is diagnosed.When first diagnosed people may deny their illness. Patients have to deal with changes in their health and life which they had not expected. Going from being a well individual to someone with a chronic, progressive disease is a major transition.People often have concerns such has


   How will it affect my daily life ?

   How will it affect my family ?

   How will it affect my relationships ?

   How will it affect my health ?


People often have the sense of disbelief , anger and denial.But a positive attitude can change it all.


" I am going to control it and not let it control me "


People just need to gather more and more information about parkinson disease. Good knowledge of parkinson disease can help you reevaluate your lifestyle. There are many ways to manage parkinson disease .Surgeries such as Deep brain stimulation surgery,pallidotomy are effective.there are other ways also to manage parkinsons disease such as surgical treatment, controlled diet plan, proper excercises also help to maintain a good life.